Family, Friends, and Community

Friends of many ages!
Intrepid explorers and friends of many ages!


One of my goals, in addition to expanding my own knowledge, awareness, and connection with the natural spaces around me, is to find ways to help kids and families build similar connections themselves.  

Fortunately, I have a strong and willing community of parents that understand the value of getting out there and spending some time in the natural spaces and who are also willing to humor me as I play nature guide while attempting to explain prairies, invasive species, and glaciation in Spanish.  This was our first venture out – a spur of the moment jaunt to take advantage of one of the few significant snowfalls this winter.  Everyone had a great time, cold toes and all, and we’re looking forward to our second excursion sometime soon.

Thank you to the parents for providing me with these pictures and permission to use them on this site.

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    1. Hey Keith – I’ve seen that there inspiring blogger thing showing up in my inbox from time, though honestly hadn’t paid it a lot of mind! thanks for the consideration…and I am honored and grateful for your kind words and support. This is one of those times where I think back on the past..what, 15 years or so and realize that when first we met there weren’t such things as blogs n whatnot and how now we dwell and share ideas in this forum and others. hmph. I never cease to be amazed by how things play themselves out.

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