…reflections on being here…

Here.    Now.    Here.    Now.  this has been a mantra I've carried for years, and one I carry today as I trudge through the heaviest snow we've had all year. This is what I've been waiting for - a thick blanket of snow to cover these trails and woods and for me to... Continue Reading →

Family, Friends, and Community

  One of my goals, in addition to expanding my own knowledge, awareness, and connection with the natural spaces around me, is to find ways to help kids and families build similar connections themselves.   Fortunately, I have a strong and willing community of parents that understand the value of getting out there and spending... Continue Reading →

9/22 (imperceptible threads)

All is still.  Then you hear the breeze.  You hear it before you see it, and it's felt before it's seen.  Somewhere in the distance, in the treetops back behind you. Moments later, off to the side and up the trail, you notice the smallest of branches and leaves in the thinnest of saplings begin... Continue Reading →

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