"The Earth is a sacred artifact that resonates with life.  We may see the Earth as being ill, but the Earth is a vital and superior organism.  The sickness we see in the World is a reflection of the sickness we feel in ourselves."  

"The things that we love tell us what we are." - Thomas Merton - _______________________________ What is it then that you love? What is it that compels you? And does it compel you to goodness, to the bringing of some light into this world?  Or to the taking away, the hoarding and sequester of what... Continue Reading →

the eons spread out behind you, culminating in this, here, right now. This is not the trajectory of just my life, but that of all lives, all breezes, all seasons, so that I may sit, here, alone, waiting for the rain.

A failure to see connections is really the largest culprit. Science is not a necessary component of this. Science has and continues to expand human understanding on certain levels, but not all. There is much room for the development of a custodial relationship with the world.  When the World becomes as a sacred artifact to... Continue Reading →

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