and into the sterling new

It's been awhile.  And a lot has gone on.  A trip or two and some woods and hikes and fishes and great raging swarms of mosquitoes and in the end I find myself lagging far, far behind in penning my thoughts here, in this forum.  Why, I wonder...and I largely think it's due to tedium,... Continue Reading →

The birds may sing their presence, the squirrels may chatter, and my breath may blow steadily across this landscape, but all of these songs and motions bespeak a profound silence, a deep collecting of all time where the songs, the words, and the breath hold still, cupped gently in the hands of God. This is... Continue Reading →

Notes from the Porkies 2

“The shallow-minded modern who has lost his rootage in the land assumes that he has already discovered what is important; it is such who prate of empires, political or economic, that will last a thousand years. It is only the scholar who appreciates that all history consists of successive excursions from a single starting point,... Continue Reading →

the eons spread out behind you, culminating in this, here, right now. This is not the trajectory of just my life, but that of all lives, all breezes, all seasons, so that I may sit, here, alone, waiting for the rain.

9/22 (imperceptible threads)

All is still.  Then you hear the breeze.  You hear it before you see it, and it's felt before it's seen.  Somewhere in the distance, in the treetops back behind you. Moments later, off to the side and up the trail, you notice the smallest of branches and leaves in the thinnest of saplings begin... Continue Reading →

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