The birds may sing their presence, the squirrels may chatter, and my breath may blow steadily across this landscape, but all of these songs and motions bespeak a profound silence, a deep collecting of all time where the songs, the words, and the breath hold still, cupped gently in the hands of God. This is... Continue Reading → cold

Sticking with the program, I have been out on a number of excursions into the cold, cold winter woods.  There has been no snow, which is a drag, because I was really hoping to get some idyllic snowy shots this winter...but alas, it's either not cold enough to it rains, or it's bone dry... Continue Reading →

Fibonacci Leaves

I just really like these pictures, and if I were a more astute naturalist, I'd be able to tell you what plant this is - but I'm not, and I can't..though maybe Black Eyed Susan, or some version of Sunflower.  That's the best I can do.  I'll wax philosophic, or poetic...or something on all of... Continue Reading →

A failure to see connections is really the largest culprit. Science is not a necessary component of this. Science has and continues to expand human understanding on certain levels, but not all. There is much room for the development of a custodial relationship with the world.  When the World becomes as a sacred artifact to... Continue Reading →

Notes from the Porkies: Part 1

To Deet, or not to not really the question, but to suffer the nuisance of roving bands of mosquitoes, or dowse yourself in chemical repellants, is at least a matter for consideration.  Actually, it’s an absolute imperative, and walking into the first leg of our three day adventure into Michigan’s Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State... Continue Reading →

finding time at Willow Springs Woods

8/21 Into the woods with the family.  Willow Springs Woods in South Cook County.  First time here, and I’m learning that it’s important to go and scope these places out ahead of time, or else you find yourself wandering aimlessly trying to decide on a place to sit. Which was what happened my first morning... Continue Reading →

the land ethic – part 3

8/28 - S.C.A. 239 Land as community, when this idea “penetrates our intellectual life”, the land ethic will come to enlarge the notion of community to include soils, waters, plants, and animals: the land. This is a key point to keep in mind: that often, when we consider the land, we think only of the... Continue Reading →

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